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Spudu is a customizable work-flow and payment system that seamlessly integrates freelance management – from initial proposal through invoicing and payment. Request a demo today to see how Spudu can help you grow your business.

administration and payment software 

Link your marketplace or existing software to Spudu

Process and invoice requests, hours, appointments, tickets or tasks 

Make and get invoices paid, control finances and budgets

About Us

With Spudu you can focus on the heart of your marketplace or startup. Work on your dream, develop new products and services and provide excellent after sales. Spudu supports you with everything else.

build your marketplace with


Link a variety of iOS/Android apps with Spudu to make it easier to input and manage data/users. Via the link, there is a list of own and third-party apps that can be linked.


Create leads, clients and users that also can generate themselves by submitting information directly from websites in the CRM or HRM. Clients or users can also log in for information. 


Generate invoices, quotes, place expenses, subscriptions, and financial reports. Also receive payments of invoices and transfer payments to employees, freelancers or partners.


Automate and keep your inventory up to date by linking it with your website or webshop and app. This module can also be linked with our app to be more efficient. 


Automate your fleet management, business rides, and supply chain management.


Create tickets, tasks or appointments that can be linked to projects also and that can be used for invoicing.


Built your sales pipeline, add and edit products while making sales reports about client sales and products.


Link your contact forms or other forms on your website with Spudu to generate automatic tickets.

Spudu is perfect
for companies

With Spudu you can get more out of your business or webshop and at the same time save on tasks regarding your administration and focus on growing your company.

Spudu is built for marketplaces

The setup of a marketplace is different compared to a standard company, the way how work and payments are setup is different and this demands a different approach. Spudu is made that it can deal with this different approach. With for instance commission models for customers, freelancers and partners. The option to have split payments and a planning + ordering tool. 

Spudu is ideal
for freelancers

As a freelancer you don’t always need to have a big administration system and with Spudu you can make it as big as you want or as small you need. This also reflects in the monthly price you have to pay. Start making your business smart by customizing your ideal administration software. 


Experience Spudu free for 1 month and each package has a contract of 3 months with a notice period of 1 month. Spudu can also be purchased as separate modules for € 2.50 p / month per module or via these packages. 

The basic modules consist of accounting, sales, CRM, and projects. The extra modules consist of inventory and helpdesk. For platforms, it is also possible to have a white-label version of Spudu run on their platform for all financial transactions and have automatic invoices made.

For payment processing, however, a payment module must be added that supports iDeal, credit card, PayPal and other payment options, this module can also be linked to an app.

Small and mid-size company

3 months
5 users + 1 guest user ; € 45,- p/month ; Extra users € 9,- p/month
  • Basic modules
  • Mobility module
  • Link website and forms
  • HRM
  • Extra modules
  • Payment module
  • White-label


3 months
; Call for quotes ; ;
  • Basic modules
  • Mobility module
  • Link website and forms
  • HRM
  • Extra modules
  • Payment module
  • White-label
In addition, each package provides a helpdesk that you can assist 7 days a week from 9 to 5 with all your questions.

Questions and Answers

Can I try Spudu for a while?

You’re able to test Spudu for a while, it’s possible to test Spudu for free for 30 days and afterward decide if you want to choose for Spudu. If you choose to work with Spudu you can end your subscription every two months. 

For which users is Spudu interesting?

Spudu could be used for a diversity of users. To make it easier we made the following table:

Type of clientNumber
of users
Sort of usersAccountingCRMHRMProject
Freelancer1 or 2Admin only
or similar
1 or moreAdmin,
managers and
other users
startup /
1 or moreAdmin,
managers, interns
and freelancers
Sales /
1 or moreAdmin and all
other users
Software / IT
1 or moreAdmin and all
other users
Webshops1 or moreAdmin,
employees and
1 or moreAdmin and all
other users
Where can I make use of Spudu?

If you’re going to make use of Spudu we will install a subdomain where you could log in and make use of all the functionalities of Spudu. We also deliver one subscription for all modules. Only if you have different users the use of every module differs due to several rights of users. It’s also possible to install Spudu as a white-label version. 

If you want to try out our demo version, just sent us a message and we can prepare a short demonstration.

How can I compare Spudu with other invoice applications?

Here we made a list of how Spudu stands out against other invoice applications

Unlimited clients
Unlimited invoicesFrom € 15,- p/month
Making quotes + € 2,95 p/month
Online approval quotes
Import banking notes+ € 1,95 p/month
Export functionality
Recurring invoices
Add attachmentsonly pdf/docx
Ideal, Paypal, Creditcard or link with webshop
Own corporate identity
Avalaible API
Integration cloud storage
Other languages
Mobile interface
Inventory management
Hourly registration+ € 2,95 p/month
KM/Ride registration+ € 2,95 p/month
Multiple users+ € 1,95 p/month
Commission functionality????
Multiplier of hours of users????
Invoice appointments????
Add automatically leads and clients????
Fleetmanagement module????
Ticket system with ability to invoice????
Invoice notes and show in a whatsapp style????
Task and projectmanagement????
Automatically payment reminders????
Whitelabel version ????
Pricing per user€ 7,50 p/month€ 15,- p/month€ 3,- till € 30,- p/month € 10,- till € 20,- p/month€ 9,95 p/month
Where does the name Spudu stands for?

The name Spudu is a combination of Speed and U. With administration and invoicing speed is the key and also that it’s centered around U. We always keep that in mind with developing Spudu and if you have questions or things that could improve, sent us a message and we will try to tailor it to your needs. 

Which kind of user profiles does Spudu offer

Spudu has these user profiles with the following rights and possibilities which can be tailored for the client’s needs. 

Users and functionalitiesDashboardAccountingSalesCRMHRMProjectsInventoryMobilityHelpdesk
ManagersRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + Write
AdministratorsRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + Write
EmployeesLimited viewNot avalaibleRead + WriteRead onlyNot avalaibleRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + Write
FreelancersLimited viewNot avalaibleSales pipeline onlyRead onlyNot avalaibleRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + Write
InternsLimited viewNot avalaibleSales pipeline onlyRead onlyNot avalaibleRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + WriteRead + Write
Guests (auditors)Read onlyRead onlyRead onlyRead onlyRead onlyRead onlyRead onlyRead onlyRead only
Job interviewsNot avalaibleNot avalaibleNot avalaibleNot avalaibleNot avalaibleNot avalaibleNot avalaibleNot avalaibleNot avalaible

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